Mural on the bricked-up windows ( ca. 75 m²) of the Genezareth Church in Berlin-Neukölln, 2023.

Face Time – Wir

Mural on ca. 146 m² in Berlin-Staaken, 2023. The full title translates roughly as: “We all here belong to the community”.

Book: Permanently Improvised

Monography: 15 Years of Urban Print Collage, 2019

Monumental Shadows – Rethinking Colonial Heritage

A participatory project series in public space on colonial traces in the culture of remembrance.


Permanent facade installation on powder coated metal, 30 m2, Brandenburg 2021

Face Time

Ongoing series since 2015: Fiktional collage heads and character studies

Face Time Mural

Facade painting on 350 m² in Berlin-Mitte, 2015

Screen Prints

A selection of print editions from 2010 until today.

Interval – McLuhan

Modular wall installation made from acoustic absorbent material, Hamburg 2023