Face Time – Wir

Mural on ca. 146 m² in Berlin-Staaken, 2023. The full title translates roughly as: “We all here belong to the community”.

Monumental Shadows – Rethinking Colonial Heritage

A participatory project series in public space on colonial traces in the culture of remembrance.

Face Time

Ongoing series since 2015: Fiktional collage heads and character studies

Intervall Murals

Mural in Wittenberge on ca. 140 m² as part of “KunstRausch” 2023.

Broken Screens

Series: Broken displays as intaglio prints become a symbol of transience in a digital society.

Broken Windows

Series: Artistic exploration of broken windows theory.

St. Nimmerlein

Poster series consisting of 10 fictional saints


Ongoing series since 2009: Figurative screen-print collages inspired by the spirit of Dada and Surrealism.


Series 2007 – 2018: Patchwork identities on the topic of migration and stereotypes.

Wanted Witches – Witches Wanted

13 portraits of people acting as pioneers on controversial social issues. Printed with phosphorus ink.