Book: Permanently Improvised

Monography: 15 Years of Urban Print Collage, 2019



15 Years of Urban Print Collage

“The artist duo Various & Gould has been an integral part of Berlin’s Urban Art for over a decade. In a playful and unconventional way, the two artists tackle major social issues. The duo finds ever new and specific forms of expression in each of their series.

Having used paper as a medium throughout their work, it’s only natural to finally use it for a book. Just in time for their 15th anniversary, this bilingual book in German and English presents the full range of their work, enriched by essays by selected authors.”

The book is available directly in the shop , at Seltmann Publishers, at (local) bookshops or, for example, in the beautiful online bookshop Vincent&Voltaire.



Format: 6.7 x 9.4 inches, hardcover
Pages: 208 pages
Languages: English/German
ISBN: 978-3-946688-73-0


[:de]Neues Buch von Various & Gould: „Permanently Improvised – 15 Years of Urban Print Collage“, Berlin 2019[:en]New book by Various & Gould: “Permanently Improvised – 15 Years of Urban Print Collage”, Berlin 2019[:]

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Essays: Mohamed Amjahid, Toby Ashraf, Steven P. Harrington, Prof. Dr. Ilaria Hoppe, Jan Kage, Luis Müller Philipp-Sohn, Anne Wizorek, Prof. Alison Young, Polina Soloveichik

Photos: Boris Niehaus (aka Just), Luna Park, Hans Friedrich, Maich, Jan de Wit, Tore Rinkveld and others

Layout: Benjamin Wolbergs
Publisher: seltmann+söhne

Released: 10/ 25/ 2019


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