Intervall Murals

Mural in Wittenberge on ca. 140 m² as part of “KunstRausch” 2023.

← Various & Gould | → Engin Dogan | Photo: Dschungle Bureau, Wittenberge 2023



Photo: Dschungle Bureau, Wittenberge 2023 

Photo: Dschungle Bureau, Wittenberge 2023



Photo: Dschungle Bureau | KunstRausch, Wittenberge 2023

In the process of collaging, there are always scraps of paper that are too good to go. At some point, Various & Gould began to pick up these elements and place them at the center of new designs. 

Here, the strips with their random shapes and the halftone dots wandering over the cut edges become waving banners or parts of a dissolved rainbow. Sometimes they are made of bent metal sheets, sometimes of crumpled paper and sometimes, when they appear in murals – as in the examples shown – this three-dimensional appearance is recreated with painterly means.

The strips of color tend to move horizontally in a rhythm across the wall and are staggered in front of each other. Teardrop motifs, consisting of partly open and partly closed eyes, move between them. These elements tend to follow the laws of gravity and traverse the picture vertically.

The theme for the mural in Wittenberge was chosen by the citizens: “Life by the river”. For us, life means movement and change. We flow with the stream; sometimes we let ourselves drift, sometimes we swim against the current towards a certain goal. Opening up to new things is part of this. So the theme became something translated to “Life IN the Stream”.




Many thanks go to the Dschungle Bureau team (Juliette, Adriana, Frederic), then Dominik and the city of Wittenberge.
Thanks go to Noah Sparkes for assistance and the jokes, as well to Brigitte for her spontaneous support.

Address / Info

Mural Wittenberge
“Intervall – Im Fluss”
(part of the “KunstRausch” project)
Busbahnhof (ZOB)
August-Bebel-Str. 2
19322 Wittenberge

Year: October 2023
Scale: ca. 140 m²

Mural Brussels:
Rue Adolphe 39
1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Year: 2022

Mural Stuttgart:
Rooftop Galerien Haus Stuttgart
Galerie Schacher
Breitscheidstr. 48
70176 Stuttgart

Year: 2022
Scale: ca. 10 m²


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