TALKING … & OTHER BANANA SKINS @ Urban Nation Museum, Berlin

Group show

Duration: June 2022 – August 2024

The exhibition ‘Talking & … other Banana Skins’ at the Urban Nation Museum Berlin provocatively calls for a dialog with urban and contemporary art. It acts as a catalyst and invites discourse on the most pressing issues of our time.

Curated by Michelle Houston, the exhibition features paintings, installations, sculptures and video works that cover the entire spectrum of urban and contemporary art. The artworks presented in the eight chapters of the exhibition question how and what is communicated in society and in the urban environment. They place exchange and dialog back at the center. In the thematic chapter ‘Hybrid Histories’, Various & Gould were commissioned to realize a hanging installation.

With contributions from Icy & Sot, Joséphine Sagna, Low Bros, Rocco and his brothers, The Wa and many others.

Bülowstraße 7
10783 Berlin-Schöneberg