To Guest Work, Istanbul

  • Photo: Gülbin Eriş

    Photo: Gülbin Eriş

To Guest Work – Performance

Istanbul - April 2012

Presented by ALAN gallery the group show “OUTSIDE-in” was curated by Sinejan Kılıç. Considering the contemporary approach to street art and the aesthetics in-between, the show included works by eight different artists from Turkey, Sweden, the US and Germany. On the occasion of the opening Various & Gould made a life performance in the streets of Istanbul.

Istanbul is one of the most exciting cities in the world! Being from Berlin, Various & Gould arrived there as guests. When you are new somewhere, unexpected things are part of the plan. In this performance, while the artists were sweeping pigments and sand through an alley, they blew up a lot of dust.

Every time you go somewhere you leave a trace behind and your life bears traces of that experience. The performance also illustrates the 50th anniversary (in 2011) of Turkish guest workers in Germany. Turkey and Germany are closely related for a long time now, struggling to understand and accept each others differences.

The necessary cultural exchange seems to be starting quite delayed, but it´s happening! With Various & Gould’s performance, the artist duo intended to make a contribution to this exchange.

“A cobalt blue streak sweeps through a narrow street in Istanbul as Various and Gould don fluorescent orange work vests and push brooms with a purpose. The lunchtime crowd gathers a few steps back and to the sides to witness a remarkable cloud of ultra-marine pigment forming a wake behind the two German Street Artists as they perform their new installation focusing on work and workers.”Jaime Rojo & Steven P. Harrington, The Huffington Post, 2012

Special thanks to:

Photos: Gülbin Eriş
Camera: Kayhan Kaygusuz
Support: Sinejan Kiliç

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