St. Nimmerlein

  • "Santa Pharma", "St. Spekulatius" and "Santa Data", silkscreen paste-ups, Istanbul 2011

  • #HolyHelpers – Procession with Yaneq as pontiff of the Church of Phonk. Cassock by Johannes Buss. Berlin 2013 (photo: Just /

    #HolyHelpers – Procession with Yaneq as pontiff of the Church of Phonk. Cassock by Johannes Buss. Berlin 2013 (photo: Just /

  • "St. Nimmerlein" @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014

  • "St. Cargo", silkscreen paste-up, Istanbul 2011

  • "Santa Therma" @ dkw. Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus (photo: Andreas Schanzenbach)

St. Nimmerlein

10 Modern Saints

This poster series consisting of 10 Holy Helpers is named after the fictional patron Sankt Nimmerlein (translated to Saint Neverever) and is based on the traditional depiction of Christian saints. Each figure deals with a particular relevant social issue such as climate change, globalization or the financial crisis. Due to the high complexity and ambivalence of these topics, they require being discussed and considered from different points of view.

“Inspired by the representation of Christian saints, with a great sense of humor and passion for detail they impersonate the great conflicts of the 21st century […]. Hence, ‚Saint Gentrifizian‘ is appointed to a contemporary saint of the hood – a patron for squatters, demonstrators, masked men/women, graffiti sprayers, urban sociologists, cyclists and pedestrians.”Alain Bieber, art, 2010

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Still on view until December 19th, 2016: A selection of these saints is part of the exhibition “Kunst/Plakat/Kunst” at the Brandenburgian State Parliament in Potsdam (from the collection of the dkw. Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus).

More information about the “Kunst/Plakat/Kunst” exhibition

In 2013 Various & Gould called for the first Berlin “Holy Helpers” procession. In a mix of protest and performance – under the guidance of Yaneq (aka Jan Kage) – a solemn and cheerfull following brought four poster figures from the series  to certain locations in Berlin for help and protection.

More information about the “Holy Helpers” procession

Pieces from “St. Nimmerlein” and other series can be found here:

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