• @ Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin 2019

    @ Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin 2019

  • @ Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose 2016 (photo: Jerome Sevilla)

    @ Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose 2016 (photo: Jerome Sevilla)

  • @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014

    @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014


Original pieces on the topic of shame. (Cut-out collages on wood.)

Reflection on Monuments

In reference to the “City Skins”-series, “Reflection on Monuments” is a scenario of ideas on the approach to monuments resulting in surrealistic canvases.

More information about this series soon!

Broken Screens

The series “Broken Screens“ reveals the beauty of fragility by perpetuating the fragments of a broken smartphone-display in paper and permanently conserving the act of destruction.

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Broken Windows

“Broken Windows” is based on the same-titled theory stating that a broken window acts as the trigger for the increase in crime in the neighborhood. As in theory, broken windowpanes form the starting point for development, whereby here the destruction is converted into an artistic work.

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Face Time

“Face Time” presents character studies in the form of collaged heads. Looking for fictional individuals, varied facial parts are being assembled and piled, inventing new characters.

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Wanted Witches – Witches Wanted

The portrait edition “Wanted Witches – Witches Wanted” comprises 13 known, living and nonconformist people who cross borders and act as pioneers on controversial social issues.

For the screen printed portraits a particular phosphorus ink was used allowing – as if by witchcraft – the ignition of matches on the actual artworks.

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St. Nimmerlein

The edition “St. Nimmerlein” consisting of 10 Holy Helpers is named after the fictional patron Sankt Nimmerlein and is based on the traditional depiction of Christian saints. (Realized in larger than life-sized screen prints on paper and cardboard.)

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“Duality” involves a selection of skull depictions. Inspired by the dualities of everyday life and Vanitas ‘Memento Mori’ imagery, it illustrates the inseparability of life and death.

There are also screen-prints of this series.


“Rabotniki” consists of figurative screen-print collages inspired by the spirit of Dada and Surrealism. The name derives from the Russian word for workers.

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The project “Identikit” discusses the topic of immigration, identities and clichés.

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