Kopf an Kopf, Cottbus

Head to Head

Feb 8 - March 31, 2013 Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus

”The exhibition ‘Head to Head’ includes around 150 selected paintings, photographs and posters from the current collection that have not been on display for a long time or ever. Additionally some recent acquisitions will be exhibited for the first time. The exhibition is divided into four thematic sections: Social presentation, private space, artist portrait and metaphor + drawing. Visitors shall both comprehend the perception and style of the portrait as well as its effect and function in different social contexts.

A major aspect of this exhibition is a selection of posters. Thereby the spectrum ranges from portraiture, personalities from the arts and culture to figures from film and theater. Primarily by Volker Pfüller, in whose work the focus is on the portrait, to portraits with a social background as in the works of Berlin artist duo Various & Gould who present art pieces of their ‘Identikit’ series. Hereby, the head figuratively stands for the physiognomy of social and political conditions.”

Head to Head

Feb 8 – March 31, 2013
Group show

dkw. Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk
Uferstraße/Am Amtsteich 15
03046 Cottbus, Germany

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