• "Identikit", installation view @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014

  • "Identikit", Berlin 2008 (photo: Just /

  • "Identikit", Berlin 2008 (Photo: K!WA /

  • "Identikit", installation view @ Brooklynite Gallery, NYC 2008 (photo: runtoline /


Patchwork identities on the matter of migration and stereotypes

This project discusses the topic of immigration, identities and clichés. Identities are highly complex and always diverse whereas clichés are the embodiment of simplification. In view of immigration, more and more people have patchwork identities which are often encountered with prejudices by others. To visualize this issue Various & Gould have produced portraits of well known personalities with migration background.

Based on a technique known from children’s books, faces and words are horizontally cut into strips enabling to rearrange them in endless variations. There are numerous different options – some make sense, some do not, but most invoke images confronting the viewer with own stereotypes and clichés.

“By montaging various, also gender-connoted, details of portraits and text fragments […] in a silkscreening process, they contradict superficial identitarian notions of the construction of the subject. Some details offer possibilities for identification; others do not, leading to an interrogation of phantasms of identification.”Sønke Gau & Katharina Schlieben, catalogue “Help!”, Museum of Design Zurich, 2009

“What I really like about the posters, is that there is no good and evil. Identity is diverse […] In the best case, we open up new conceptual spaces with the posters.”Ulrike Kremeier, director of the Brandenburgisches Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst (BLmK), at Lausitzer Rundschau, Feb 2018

In the context of the Sternmarsch 2018 in Cottbus, the Brandenburgisches Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst has printed 200 copies of five different Identikit posters handing them out to the people to point the way to more tolerance.

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