Holy Helpers, Berlin

Holy Helpers –
Blessed protest

Berlin – August 2013

Holy procession for data security and the preservation of earthly freedom and alternative cultures! On August 13th, Various & Gould called for the first Berlin “Saint-Nimmerleins-Procession”. In a mix of protest and performance – under the guidance of Yaneq (aka Jan Kage) and with a solemn and cheerfull following – four poster figures from the modern saints series were placed for help and protection at certain locations in Berlin.

From the Announcement:Faced with the daily revelations of a surveillance inferno you could easily fall away from faith!

But not with us! Let us be brave and courageous, because there is hope! Who could assist us poor souls in these times of need better than Santa Data, the guardian of the cables and devices? May she henceforth hold her protective hand over our cloud! So come all and accompany us in this peaceful and joyous procession, when we carry four Modern Saints to relevant places in Berlin! There are places where people despair and urgently need help from above!

 So let us be led by the venerable master of ceremonies Yaneq, to sing pious songs and walk together with Santa Pharma, Santa Data, Saint Abuso and Saint Gentrifizian to bring hope to the city!“

Everything went well: Astonishingly, the police arrived immediatly and with several cars, blocked junctions and kept clear the road. Our preacher Yaneq guided the group of pilgrims – confidently with a golden toilet brush to distribute the holy water. […] We were equipped with loads of mumbo-jumbo such as incense, self-made gowns and sherbet UFOs as host surrogates.”Various & Gould, 2013

Special thanks to Yaneq (aka Jan Kage) as pontiff of the Church of Phonk! Also many thanks to Christoph Wesche, Neurotitan / Haus Schwarzenberg and Anne Wizorek for their support, to Andreas Lamoth, Frederic Leitzke and Thomas Nees from Editude Pictures, Boris Niehaus (aka Just), Christina Palitzsch, Popkontext and Ekvidi for photo and film documentation, to Johannes Buss for creating Yaneq’s cassock and to Alexandra Kiesel for creating all the other cassocks, and last but not least to Jakob and Joshi for performing live music!

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