Hexensabbat, Cologne

  • @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014

    @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014

  • "Lana Wachowski" @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014

  • @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014

    @ 30works Gallery, Cologne 2014


Feb 8 - March 2, 2014

For this new series, Various & Gould portray a selection of known, living and nonconformist people who cross borders and act as pioneers on controversial social issues. The idea that these people might have been persecuted and burned as witches in earlier times, is a mere speculation here. But the fact that they still have to fight for their ideas, their freedom, their dignity or in some cases even their lives, even today, is indeed a reality.

In this respect, the “Wanted Witches” series can be seen as a homage to the portrayed people and as a reference to the intolerance of today’s supposedly enlightened society where free thinking people are still being scapegoated and demonized by the public.

For the portraits a particular ink was used allowing – as if by witchcraft – the ignition of matches on the actual artworks. By using these matches and candles the observers are encouraged to get involved with the image.

Many thanks to Bernhard van Treeck for his introduction speech at the exhibition opening!


Feb 8 – March 2, 2016
Solo show

30works Gallery
Antwerpener Str. 42
50672 Cologne, Germany

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