“Farbstrahlen” Mural Installation

“Farbstrahlen” Mural Installation

Niemegk 2021

The company ENVIRAL® celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with a big artwork from us. With the company’s own technology and in close cooperation, we have realized a wall installation. The result is “Farbstrahlen” – our first metal collage. The starting point was a paper collage with elements from our Face Time series. So 500 grams of paper became 500 kg of metal.

By slightly staggering the levels, the shadow cast within the installation changes, depending on the position of the sun. From the technical side the installation shows a wide range of possible applications and effects of powder coating. Thematically, it is about the sensual perception of color and color processing.

This work is permanently installed and freely accessible on the company premises. If you happen to be traveling in the direction of Magdeburg/Leipzig … with a small detour from the highway at the exit Niemegk (A9) you can visit the work on site!

Mural “Farbstrahlen”
ENVIRAL® surface refinement GmbH
Altdorfer Weg 6, 14823 Niemegk

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