Es geht UM die WELT, Cottbus

  • "Santa Therma" @ dkw. Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus (photo: Andreas Schanzenbach)

  • "St. Gentrifizian", "Santa Tortura", "St. Cargo", "St. Spekulatius" @ dkw. Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus (photo: Andreas Schanzenbach)

About the world we live in

Feb 5 – April 15, 2012
Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk

Today the term “environment” means the human environment: People’s activities always influence the environment and hence it is massively exposed to their actions

“About the world we live in” presents international posters of landscapes, spaces, nature and the environment from the last twenty years. Although posters are a fast-moving medium, their subjects are still relevant.  Topics such as climate change, energy use, oil spills and air pollution are discussed here together with socio-cultural factors like migration and integration – all unresolved issues affecting the world.

The exhibition consists of works from the collection as well as contributions of requested artists. Around one hundred artists from all over the world (Armenia, Australia, Brazil, China, Finland, Iran, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, US, …)were invited to participate. Thereby the artists’ poster language is as varied as their characters. It is radical or restrained, thoughtful, factual, humorous or satirical and especially – involved and caring.

In the exhibition, Various & Gould are represented with a selection of their “Modern Saints” from the series “Sankt Nimmerlein”.

About the world we live in

Feb 5 – April 15, 2012
Group show
Curated by Barbara Martin

dkw. Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk
Uferstraße/Am Amtsteich 15
03046 Cottbus, Germany

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