Book: “Permanently Improvised – 15 Years of Urban Print Collage”

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New book by Various & Gould: “Permanently Improvised – 15 Years of Urban Print Collage”, Berlin 2019

Various & Gould

PERMANENTLY IMPROVISED – 15 Years of Urban Print Collage

The artist duo Various & Gould has been an integral part of Berlin’s Urban Art for over a decade. In a playful and unconventional way, the two artists tackle major social issues. The duo finds ever new and specific forms of expression in each of their series.

Having used paper as a medium throughout their work, it’s only natural to finally use it for a book. Just in time for their 15th anniversary, this bilingual book in German and English presents the full range of their work, enriched by essays by selected authors.

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Essays: Mohamed Amjahid, Toby Ashraf, Steven P. Harrington, Prof. Dr. Ilaria Hoppe, Jan Kage, Luis Müller Philipp-Sohn, Anne Wizorek, Prof. Alison Young, Polina Soloveichik

Photos: Boris Niehaus (aka Just), Luna Park, Hans Friedrich, Maich, Jan de Wit and others

Format: 6.7 x 9.4 inches, hardcover
Pages: 208 pages
Languages: English/German
ISBN: 978-3-946688-73-0

Book design: Benjamin Wolbergs
Publisher: seltmann+söhne

Release: ca. 10/ 17/ 2019

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