BAUKUNST! #2 @ Galerie Borchardt, Hamburg

Extended duration of the exhibition until April 01st, 2024.

The exhibition, which is being shown in the rooms of the Borchardt Gallery and the BAID architectural office, takes a look at artists who use architectural offsets in their work and alienate them to the point of irritation, with subtle lightness and an occasional wink.

The exhibition was curated by Jan Kage and Peter Borchardt. Participating artists: Clemens Behr, Anina Brisolla, Julia Eichler, Jay Gard, Katharine Harvey, Stohead, Trak Wendisch, Various & Gould

On the occasion of the exhibition, Various & Gould put a long-cherished plan into practice and worked with new materials. The approach: to create a symbiosis of art and function in which a work of art also improves the room acoustics.

Recycled PET felt and wood wool were used for the modular wall collage in the gallery. The latter is commonly known as “sauerkraut board”. It can absorb noise and is used to line many a functional building, but has never looked particularly good. Yet there are so many exciting things that can be done with this material.

Borchardt Gallery
Hopfensack 19
20457 Hamburg

A joint exhibition as part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023